Free water… for more than 2000 years

Hundreds of public fountains offer free cold water to tourists and citizens in the city.

acqua1Rome is famous since thousands of year for its wise use of water: Romans could drink it in the streets, freely drawing water from the fountains, make use of huge and totally free termal stations. All of the above was coming from a series of aqueducts and monumental reservoirs which brought waters from the near mountain springs to the city. An example of architecture and efficiency that stood up for two millenniums to the point that water still flows free and fresh for everyone almost on every street corner, especially in the historic neighborhood. Historical fountains apart, (which are usually made of marble and more recently made with ancient remains like sculptures and sarcophaguses), also typical of Rome are “Nasoni”: little fountains made of cast-iron, a little more than a meter tall which continuously provide cold water. Recently the municipality of Rome began to install “Case dell’Acqua” road installations as big as a kiosk which provide still or sparkling cold water and also offer the possibility to charge computers mobile phones and tablets for free. Rome’s water is one of the best in world, continuously monitored therefor safe: a service available to everyone: citizens, tourists, pilgrims which especially appreciate it in the hot days of walking around the monuments.


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