Local markets of Rome

Traditional food markets on the street, in the squares or cover markets which offer fresh food mostly coming from local producers.
mercatirionali1Despite the proliferation of supermarkets and malls, the local food-markets still keep their importance in Rome, especially in the working-class neighborhoods. In those places the century-old tradition of daily markets of fresh products in which the local producers brought products from the countryside to the city is still alive.
Whether it is cover structures (sometimes monumental and architecturally excellent), modern structures or even simple squares and streets dedicated to it, the local markets are characterized by the presence of specialized trailers who set their stands everyday to sell fruit, vegetables, meat, milk products, wines, ecc.
Those markets are usually frequented by retainers who build a relationship with butchers, greengrocers, bakers, vintners, ecc to get discounts, suggestions on the offers and even cooking advices. The Campo de’ Fiori market in the center of Rome is the most famous of the Capital, and it has made famous by songs and classic movie of the tradition of Italian comedies. Today it’s less popular than it used to be and not dedicated entirely to food anymore, but still keeps some appeal.


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