CRFS LIPU: il rifugio degli animali al centro di Roma

The most “visited” emergency room for wild animals in central Italy can be found in a corner of Bioparco.


Francesca Manzia, the director of the LIPU Wildlife Recuperation Center of Rome, explains the activity of this center, which opened in the 1990s inside Bioparco in the Capital. Managed by a limited staff of professionals from the Lega Italiana Protezione Uccelli and supported by hundreds of citizens and dozens of volunteers of LIPU, the structure welcomes animals found injured in the street or in the countryside. Annually the center shelters, heals and if possible, releases 5,000 to 6,000 animals, serving not only the city of Rome but also the region of Lazio and the some cases central Italy. Among the animals welcomed most frequently are hedgehogs, turtles, owls, seagulls, foxes, kestrels and buzzards. The result is an enormous contribution to the conservation of wildlife and biodiversity of the natural Italian environment.

The interview was conducted by the radio program Very Important Planet (VIP) produced in collaboration between Earth Day Italia and Radio Lattemiele.


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