Urban mobility: convention at Roma Tre university

Experts, companies and administrations in a conference about the strategies of urban mobility of goods.


Next October 1st and 2nd at the University Roma Tre different participants of the accademic world, businessmen and institutional representatives, will discuss the future of urban goods mobility. The conference, called URBE (Urban Freight and Behavior change) is organized by the Department of Political Science that will host the work and Centro di Ricerca Interdipartimentale di Economia delle Istituzioni (CREI) of the Roman Ateneo. The declared purpose of the meeting is to make the various participants, both public and private, reflect about the fact that they can be leaders of change and the many options for a more sustainable and efficient mobility in the future.
The scope of the conference is the mobility of goods in urban areas and will involve, amongst the speakers and participants, a hundred experts coming from 20 countries. We start from the assumption that the transport system of goods and products is changing dramatically: on one hand the trend of urbanization is filling the traffic of vehicles in the city creating bottlenecks in the final section of the supply chain; on the other hand technology has revolutionized the production and distribution sectors offering solutions to this problem. E-Commerce, internet of things, techniques of production, packaging, shipment and distribution are also more rational and offer the possibility to optimize time and space. At the moment, none of this corresponds to an equally fast change of procedure and infrastructure in the distribution. Taking for granted the growth of the phenomenon, it’s important to reflect on the ways that ensure more efficiency and sustainability in the distribution of goods. The available innovations were developed by researchers and experts and the users and the business world must be made aware of them to check their viability and their results in the real world. The congress of Roma Tre wants to bring together the experts and professionals of this sector, propose to them the most suitable solutions and open a forum of discussion in which they can compare and contrast them.


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