Velletri: new collection point for used oils

The second collection point of Lazio opens where private citizens can dispose of used lubricating oils.

OlioUntil now, there was only one collection point for the citizens of Lazio to dispose of used lubricating oils and it was in Rome. It was a problem for example for those who changed their car’s oil by themselves or used another mechanical device. Professionals like mechanics, coachbuilders, gas stations attendants and business operators which must dispose of large quantities of oil must contact Consorzio Obbligatorio degli Oli Usati (COOU) which addresses them to an authorized concessionaire that collects the oil on site. COOU gave Velletri the first collection point for lubricating oil for private citizens outside of Rome. It can be found in Via Troncavia, where everyone can bring their wasted oil in a hermetically sealed container and empty them into a collection tank for free after showing an identity document that qualifies them as a private citizen. It must be pointed out that small quantities of oil scattered in the environment, in the land, in the waters or in the exhaust can pollute enormous natural areas: 4 kilograms of engine oil damages a land as big as a soccer field. The recycled oil is instead regenerated and resold as a lubricant for engines and machines.


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